Derived TV Show Titles

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In June, 2018, with the results released on the 17th, the NPR Sunday Puzzle consisted of making up a TV show name
by changing one letter of a real show's name.
Their examples were: American I Do's, Have Gut - Will Travel, NYPD Clue, and You Bet Your Wife.

I liked that idea, so I have created some of my own. Others did too: here and here.
My "completely unbiased" opinion is that most of mine were better than most of the ones Will selected.

The God Squad (The Mod Squad)
Mormon missionaries try to find converts in Brooklyn.
Silver Spooks (Silver Spoons)
Dick Van Dyke and Betty White as retired spies, now freelancing.
Hatman (Batman)
A milliner has a secret crime-fighting life after dark.
Welcome Back, Hotter (Welcome Back, Kotter)
Gabe Kaplan travels the world showing the effects of climate change.
The Ode Couple (The Odd Couple)
Two very different people fall in love at a poetry competition.
The Walton$ (The Waltons)
A family becomes fabulously wealthy in the retail business.
Shrubs (Scrubs)
A how-to series for horticulture enthusiasts.
The Big Band Theory (The Big Bang Theory)
A group of friends brings back 1940's style music.
Carb Your Enthusiasm (Curb Your Enthusiasm)
The goings-on in an Italian restaurant/bakery in New York.
The Facts of Lift (The Facts of Life)
Chins (Chips)
The wacky adventures at a plastic surgery practice.
A couple divorces, but can't really let go.
M*A*T*H (M*A*S*H)
The adventures and misadventures of a high school math teacher.
Sanford and Sin (Sanford and Son)
A minister works in a parish of people who misbehave.
Diffrent Strikes (Diffrent Strokes)
A bowling team has a unique outlook on life.
Ironride (Ironside)
Strange things happen to people riding a roller coaster.
Chico and the Men (Chico and the Man)
Behind the scenes with the Marx Bros.
Miami Dice (Miami Vice)
Gangsters operate an illegal casino in south Florida.
Glue (Glee)
High school friends stick together through thick and thin.
Murphy Brawn (Murphy Brown)
A group of guys meet regularly at a gym to work out together.
The Tall Guy (The Fall Guy)
A boy deals with being a foot taller than everyone else.